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Polymer Consultants, Inc.

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Rubber Optimization And Development Co.,LLC  was formed to act as the holding company responsible for the licensing and sales of patented and/or proprietary technologies related to asphalt modification. These technologies have arisen from basic research conducted by Polymer Consultants, Inc. and to date have resulted in the creation of the Levi-Tech® and the MIX-Maxer® solutions to the use of ground tire rubber (GTR) in asphalt mix formulations.*

Levi-Tech® allows wet processed GTR to remain suspended in hot, liquid

asphalt for up to 72 hours without stirring prior to its use in an

asphalt mix.

MIX-Maxer® is a pre-treated GTR that can be directly added

into an asphalt mix at the mix plant without first having to wet process

the GTR. MIX-Maxer® dramatically expands the commercial viability of the

use of GTR in asphalt while providing enhanced performance properties

over those attained with polymer modified asphalts at a reduced cost.

Work is ongoing in the development of RAP-Maxer® which is a dry,

free-flowing asphalt modifier. RAP-Maxer® is designed to allow for the

increased use of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) over even that of

MIX-Maxer® which can handle the incorporation of up to 25% RAP by weight

in an asphalt mix formulation. It is anticipated that with the use of

RAP-Maxer®, a contractor will be able to use up to 50% by weight RAP in

an asphalt mix without sacrificing desired pavement properties.

*See the products tab for more details on Levi-Tech® and MIX-Maxer®.



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