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2016 New Technology Announcement



Product Overview


MIX-Maxer® is a patented*, technologically advanced, pre-treated ground tire rubber (GTR) formulated to allow its direct introduction through a RAP collar into an asphalt mix without first subjecting the GTR to wet processing.

Currently use of GTR in asphalt mix formulations is limited by the need to first wet process the GTR prior to incorporating it into a mix design. Wet processing involves stirring GTR in hot asphalt binder and then holding the blended materials at 350F for approximately one hour to allow time for the GTR to react with the liquid asphalt. The resultant blend can then be transported to a mix plant where it is combined with aggregate to create an asphalt mix suitable for paving applications.

The need for wet processing GTR has restricted the growth in use of GTR in asphalt mix formulations. Therefore, PCI undertook the development of a modified GTR that would allow its direct addition through a RAP collar in a mix plant. This new, simple to use product, dramatically expands the geographic range possible for the use of GTR in asphalt mixes.

Coincidentally, this new product, which is called MIX-Maxer®, allows for the formulation of both Dense Grade and Gap Grade mixes that will pass both the Hamburg rutting test and the Overlay cracking test.  This is the first time that such an economical solution has been developed that simultaneously solves both the rutting and cracking problems commonly encountered in asphalt mix formulation. Additionally, MIX-Maxer® accomplishes this feat while yielding a much lower viscosity mix than a typical wet processed GTR, thereby minimizing normal handling and compaction issues.  

MIX-Maxer® is packaged in such a manner as to allow its direct introduction into a mix by means of a portable airvey feeder unit through the RAP collar of a mix plant. This convenient means of addition minimizes plant operating costs and maximizes GTR usage leading to higher bottom line profits.

For a pictoral summary of the process, please review the attached PowerPoint presentation.

Please call us to discuss this new technology further.

Peter Blyth  - Technical Dir.  Tampa office @ 813-681-2160  

Dave Bangs - Dir. Of Comm. Dev. Atlanta office @ 678-240-9224

*(USPTO patent # 9,458,320)

Valrico 2016 New Technology Announcement

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