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Innovative Polymer Solutions, Inc.



Innovative Polymer Solutions, Inc. (IPS), is the manufacturing and R & D arm of Polymer Consultants, Inc. IPS is the proud manufacturer of the LeviTech® line of particle suspension agents & process technology as well as the Knit-Tech 9112® line of polymer catalysts.

IPS was originally formed as a patent development company that strives to develop new products and improve existing products through the use of plastics. Some of our patents and patent pending work is in the aviation, agricultural, fire fighting, polymer processing and hygiene industries.

R & D work at PCI eventually led IPS to expand its focus and manufacturing abilities to fill a growing demand for cost effective polymer catalysts enabling many immiscible plastic materials to be compounded homogenously. Additionally, in a non-related industry, IPS identified, researched and solved an age old manufacturing and delivery issue pertaining to maintaing ground rubber particulate in indefinate suspension in liquid asphalt during shipment. IPS's revolutionary, yet simple, LeviTech® particle suspension agents & process technology has come to the rescue providing a very simple low cost solution. 

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  • R.O.A.D. Co.'s new technology announcement on the MIX-Maxer® pre-treated GTR for dry blend asphalt. 



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