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Polymer Consultants, Inc.

Plastics Consulting, Material Testing & Asphalt Product Development

Florida 813.681.2160 

Georgia 678.240.9224




Q: What can Polymer Consultants Inc. (PCI) do for me?

A: We can analyze and solve a wide range of marketing and technical questions related to the use and application of various polymers in many different product lines and manufacturing processes.

Q. What polymer types does PCI work with?

A: All of the olefin and most engineering grade polymers with a specific level of expertise in acrylics, polycarbonates, nylons and polyesters.

Q: Can PCI help me with sales and marketing issues?

A: Yes, we have helped clients develop effective marketing strategies and actually have handled the sales of many different types of products both domestically and internationally.

Q: My company operates outside the USA. Can PCI assist me with international issues?

A: Yes. PCI has numerous contacts outside of the USA and is experienced in international marketing and sales including the normal financial instruments utilized in international trade such as letters of credit. We will also travel to your overseas facility to provide assistance onsite.

Q: Can PCI help me design a process and/or product to meet my customer’s needs?

A: Yes. PCI has developed a number of manufacturing processes and products with an emphasis on incorporating recycled raw materials which have saved our clients millions of dollars.

Q: Can PCI help me specify the necessary equipment for my new process?

A: Yes. IPS is very familiar with the various manufacturers equipment types and capabilities and can specify the optimal equipment for your process based upon our practical operating experience.

Q: Can PCI help me with product formulation?

A: Yes. PCI has successfully created several unique formulations for clients that included among others very highly loaded concentrates, impact and FR modified products, and blends of normally incompatible resins.

Q: I’m experiencing product failure. Can you help me?

A: That depends upon the type of product and failure you are experiencing. We will gladly review the problem and provide our recommendations. Sometimes this means that we will direct you to other companies that may be better able to analyze the problem utilizing their specific technology.

Q: Can Innovative Polymer Solutions, Inc., (IPS), manufacture a product for me?

A: In selected circumstances. Frequently we will direct you to one of several reputable manufacturers with whom we have had successful experience in the past.

Q: Can IPS help me patent my product?

A: Yes. We have our own patents and have helped guide others through the patenting process.

Q: Can PCI advise on mergers and acquisitions?

A: Yes. We are intimately familiar with both the technology and dynamics of the polymer industry. We can help you determine if the purchase and/or sale of a business or specific technology makes strategic technical and economic sense.

Q: Is PCI/IPS afraid to get its hands dirty?

A: Absolutely not! We have provided our assistance from the factory floor to the boardroom.

Q: What projects have PCI/IPS undertaken?

A: Many different ones varying in both breadth and scope. Please visit our accomplishments page to view a sampling of representative projects we have completed.

Q: Can PCI serve as an expert witness?

A: Yes. Our broad background in polymers allows us to provide expert testimony in many areas.

Q: What does PCI charge for its services?

A: The costs vary by project and can be charged on an hourly, daily or by project basis. Initial phone consultation is free. Joint venture concepts will be entertained.


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