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New Technology Announcement



January,  2012


Innovative Polymer Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce LeviTech®  - the recent development of a simple & inexpensive patented * solution to maximally suspend reclaimed Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) in neat asphalt for an extended working life.

After many months of development, IPS has successfully created & demonstrated a low cost method to evenly disperse GTR particles throughout hot asphalt cement eliminating the need for continuous mixing of the GTR/asphalt blend. Through the addition of some fairly simple and cost effective chemistry, IPS’s technology will consistently and evenly distribute fine rubber particulate without dramatically altering the viscosity of the asphalt binder. The addition of this chemistry does not measurably affect any standard bituminous surfacing material specification.

The average cost for the LeviTech® particle suspension chemistry adds approximately $0.005 to $0.01 per pound (depending on the required formulation) of asphalt-rubber blend. The cost of metering equipment to introduce the chemistry is nominal as compared with the cost of continuous mixing and heating equipment. Imagine being able to blend GTR with asphalt at your plant and then transport it for an indefinite period of time without fear of the GTR settling out; all without any additional on-site mixing. This translates into more territory covered with fewer plants and eliminating the need for costly mobile mixing equipment operation & repairs.

IPS is interested in speaking to parties with significant interest and a demonstrated market share of GTR in neat asphalt within their respective operational regions. IPS is interested in exploring various licensing scenarios that make sense for both parties. IPS’s technology is sufficiently camouflaged within the asphalt matrix thereby eliminating licensees concerns regarding possible breaches in the security of the formulation.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the functionality of the patented LeviTech® technology with your favored asphalt blends.


Please call us to discuss this opportunity further.

Peter Blyth  - Technical Dir.  Tampa office @ 813-681-2160  

Dave Bangs - Dir. Of Comm. Dev. Atlanta office @ 678-240-9224


*(USPTO patent # 9,018,279)






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