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Polymer Consultants, Inc.

Plastics Consulting, Material Testing & Asphalt Product Development

Florida 813.681.2160 

Georgia 678.240.9224


  • Designed, built and operated 4 ton/day acrylic depolymerization facility capable of recovering 99.8% pure methyl methacrylate from waste acrylic plastics.


  • Operated under contract a post-consumer PET bottle recovery facility generating 60 tons/day of clean PET flake, both clear and green.


  • Engaged in assignments to retrain engineers and operators to set up and run existing extrusion systems where key personnel were lost through attrition leaving no one with experience to run system - threatening the loss of millions of dollars a month in revenue.


  • Performed in the field service capacity as process engineers supervising installation, start-up & training of multiple extruder co-extrusion systems producing drinking straws, profile extrusions and high speed medical tubing systems.


  • Created a nationwide polycarbonate sign face recovery program for a major polycarbonate compounder.


  • Have been engaged as consultants in project management rolls to assist in start-up company extrusion assignments to specify extrusion systems suitable to manufacture specific profile, refrigerator gaskets, plastic lumber, auto window gaskets, body side molding, duel durometer profiles, medical profiles & tubing.


  • Developed a system to recover value from low molecular weight PET purge waste and convert it into feedstock for unsaturated polyester polyol manufacturing.


  • Established a closed loop acrylic recycling system incorporating automotive tail light lens scrap and manufacturers waste into an acrylic styrenic blend molded into automotive instrument panels.


  • Lead business development project to create a high volume process (20ton/hr) to recycle post-consumer glass.


  • Designed and built a nylon fiber rotary disk densification facility to convert waste nylon fiber into compounding feedstocks.


  • Developed a number of compatibilized, very high thermoset rubber content, compounds for the injection molding industry.


  • Redesigned a grinding & blending operation to produce 85,000/lbs a day of uniform blends (to spec.) of HDPE regrind for structural foam molding operation.


  • Designed, developed & patented the worlds first UL, FM, NFPA and AWWA compliant polymeric fire hydrant. USPTO patent # 7,588,049


  • Developed and commercialized a chemical process to indefinitely suspend finely ground tire rubber in asphalt. USPTO patent # 9,018,279. (see Oct '10 IPS's introduction of new technology under the "announcements" tab)


  • Developed and signed a licensing agreement (N. America) for a new pre-treated GTR product for modified asphalts. USPTO patent # 9,458,320. MIX-Maxer® is a technologically advanced ground tire rubber (GTR) formulated to allow its direct introduction through a RAP collar into an asphalt mix without first subjecting the GTR to wet processing. (see NEW TECHNOLOGY 2015 introduction of new technology under the "announcements" tab)


  • IPS has patented or has patent pending status on new designs of several previously exisitng products where functionality and costing were improved through the use of virgin and recyled plastic materials.
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